About Us

Whether you're visiting Dubai for leisure or work, we have got you covered!


Our mission

We set out to create the leading technology based vacation home company in the UAE and then the world. At Paradise Stays we focus on key principles founded by our reason to enter the market. Trust, authenticity and reliability. We aim to combine technology with short term stays to provide the most seamless experience of finding a temporary home.

Our Values

  • Attention to Detail

    Attention to Detail

    We believe excellence lies in the details, ensuring every aspect of your stay is meticulously attended to & tailored to your needs.

  • Tech-Focus


    Embracing cutting-edge technology, we enhance your stay with seamless booking processes and smart home features, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

  • Transparency


    Trust is key. we maintain complete transparency through detailed property information, and open communication channels. you can monitor and manage your properties from anywhere.

  • Customer Care

    Customer Care

    We uphold complete transparency through detailed pricing, comprehensive property information, and open communication channels, assuring you of the highest standard of trust and clarity

Our invitation

Be a part of our journey to reshape the future of living worldwide.

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