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We provide guests seeking short-term furnished apartments and villas on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We ensure a luxurious experience for them by offering a range of services, including self check-ins and check-outs, concierge services, and flexible stays.

Paradise Stays benefits homeowners by maximizing rental income and providing professional property management while ensuring quality, security, and peace of mind.

For renters, the company offers a wide range of well-maintained holiday homes in Dubai, efficient booking, professional service, local expertise, transparent pricing, and a safe, secure, and comfortable stay.

In collaboration with property owners, we ensure the presence of advanced amenities in furnished short-term rentals in Dubai listed with us. These include high-speed internet, kitchen and bathroom essentials, coffee machine, fresh linens, etc.

At Paradise Stays, we believe in going above and beyond the set standards to ensure an extraordinary experience for every guest. We only onboard vacation homes in Dubai after thoroughly vetting them for guests’ safety and security.

The same practice is followed for enhanced peace of mind for property owners as each renter is screened after giving them access to the property.

For landlords, we manage the property on their behalf, taking care of every aspect, including cleaning, interior design, maintaining communication with guests, etc. On the other hand, renters can rely on us to get a range of safe and secure stay options for luxury vacation rentals in Dubai that suit their preferences.

Hiring a short-term rental management company in Dubai can save you time and effort by outsourcing tasks like guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance. Simply, by partnering with such a company, you will get the following benefits:

  • Increased booking rates and revenue.
  • Professional handling of guest interactions and issues.
  • Peace of mind with respect to property maintenance and cleaning.
  • Time savings, as we handle all aspects of rental management.

Absolutely, we can assist. Paradise Stays offers a range of services for property owners to ensure their property is ready to be listed. We leverage advanced technology to ensure our personalized services for holiday home management in Dubai produce the desired results for our valued clients.

As your trusted partner for short term rental property management in Dubai, Paradise Stays aims to enhance revenue for landlords by ensuring increased occupancy. We employ data-driven pricing strategies and marketing techniques to optimize occupancy rates, aiming to keep your property occupied as often as possible.

Selecting Paradise Stays for your short term rental management in Dubai is a smart choice. We bring local expertise to optimize your property's income potential, ensuring professional management, maintaining high standards of quality, and offering the flexibility to enjoy your property while handling all aspects of guest management.

With a focus on security, time savings, and effective targeted marketing, Paradise Stays takes the stress out of managing your holiday home.

Yes, you can. Once your property is listed and available for bookings, we grant you access to our online dashboard. It allows you to stay informed about bookings and earnings.

Paradise Stays' Corporate Partners Program is a specialized offering that caters to businesses and organizations looking for high-quality, cost-effective accommodations for their employees or clients.

As a corporate partner, you gain access to a wide range of well-managed properties that can be tailored to your specific needs, providing comfort, cost-efficiency, and flexibility for your employees or clients.

Yes, we provide a dedicated account manager who will assist you with all your corporate accommodation requirements, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience.

Paradise Stays maintains stringent safety and security standards, including guest screening and guidelines for property behavior, to ensure the well-being of all corporate guests.

Contact our Corporate Partners team to discuss your specific accommodation needs and preferences, and we'll work with you to tailor a partnership that suits your organization.
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